Maren grew up in Seattle, Washington and got her first guitar when she was ten. She taught herself how to play by listening to records and figuring out chords from charts. She played her guitar all over Seattle, the epicenter of Folk Music and Rock and Roll. Within the first year of having her guitar she wrote her first song and she has been writing ever since. Her music reflects the experiences of living in a complicated world. It has heart with a dynamic groove that will touch your soul. It is both personal and universal. Her lyrics are direct, poetic and clever. The lyrical intimacies in her songwriting speaks to all of us as if we were speaking to ourselves. Her songs captivate us with delicate intrigue and charm while reminding us that our own dreams and hearts desires can be real regardless of how complex the world may seem around us. For a number of years, Maren pursued a law career and while feeling like she was always in a “fight” she decided to retire from law and follow her heart and love for writing music and playing her guitar. Her recent work, Finally Red, incorporates her love for percussion, her sense of rhythm and with the sensibility and sincerity of Folk Music. We’re calling it 21st Century Folk with a World Groove. Maren currently resides in Missoula, Montana.